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April 14th 2016 in Cozumel

Another sunny & calm start to the day on the Dive Paradise Pier at Hotel Cozumel and Resorts. We enjoy conversations with friends Gary, Kathy, Patricia, and Ray and we have plenty of time on board the Sagitario to exchange dive stories with some new friends. Antonio and Chale jump us in at Cedral to get a peek at the Nurse Shark that sleeps with the Green Moray Eel. The current is trouble some but the Captain and Divemasters keep us safe and we get a glimpse of turtles and the eel & shark buddies before running out of air.    ..  - Read More

April 13th 2016

Today we board the Sagitario, the slowest boat in the fleet. Which leaves us with plenty of time to visit with old friends Gary Cecil, Kathy W. Jose Chale and Antonio. Memo the captain drops us in at Yucab where the current was too strong to get a good long dive. Everyone runs low on air early so we ascend together at about 34 minutes.    One hour on the surface before we jump back in at another section of Yucab. This time the current is mild and we cruise from coral head to coral head with our bellies in..  - Read More

April 12th 2016 Coz

Last night we discovered that the restaurant in the Central  Square "Mosaicos" that Scot Starbeck found 4 or 5 years ago, has been sold and no longer has pizza from a wood fired brick oven. So Woody's was the place for us. Good music and burgers. We board the Aries with Chale and Patricia Snow from Victoria BC and head to Columbia Deep to find a current that was no fun. The currents may be linked to the calm weather that we enjoyed all week. 80 degrees during the day and almost no wind. Back to back dives with only..  - Read More

April 11th 2016 in Cozumel

Today 10 of us board the Coquetta (Flirty Girl) with 2 Divemasters,Jose Chale and Jimmy at the Hotel Cozumel pier at a few minutes past 8 AM. I love the Coquetta because we are at Palencar Gardens in less than 30 minutes. With a few new divers we decide to start the dive by laying in the sand at 30' to catch our breath and gain the calmness that makes the buoyancy thing so enjoyable and addictive. Once over the top of the reef we are in awe of the large coral formations that are the signature of the island. Swimming..  - Read More

Cozumel, April 2016

Our April 2016 dive trip base camp at Hotel Cozumel and Resorts.Starts with gorgeous weather and accommodations. The first order of business is an acclimation dive off of the pier of Dive Paradise to check our gear and to verify how much lead we will need to counter the buoyancy due to the change of wetsuits body mass. Good thing we log our dives and record the lead need on the last dive in salt water.  With our face into the current we search the shore and bottom for a Flying Gunard that Ray Hansen has shown us in the..  - Read More

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