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April 13th 2016

Today we board the Sagitario, the slowest boat in the fleet. Which leaves us with plenty of time to visit with old friends Gary Cecil, Kathy W. Jose Chale and Antonio. Memo the captain drops us in at Yucab where the current was too strong to get a good long dive. Everyone runs low on air early so we ascend together at about 34 minutes.


One hour on the surface before we jump back in at another section of Yucab. This time the current is mild and we cruise from coral head to coral head with our bellies in the sand. Antonio hovers over a Lettuce Leaf Sea Slug until I can get over to take a few photos of the little critter that blends into the sandy edge of a small coral outcrop. I would never have seen this guy on my own, in fact after he pointed it out to me I had a difficult time finding it in my viewfinder.


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