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Cozumel, April 2016

Our April 2016 dive trip base camp at Hotel Cozumel and Resorts.Starts with gorgeous weather and accommodations. The first order of business is an acclimation dive off of the pier of Dive Paradise to check our gear and to verify how much lead we will need to counter the buoyancy due to the change of wetsuits body mass. Good thing we log our dives and record the lead need on the last dive in salt water. 

With our face into the current we search the shore and bottom for a Flying Gunard that Ray Hansen has shown us in the past. I keep my eyes peeled for squid hovering 4 or 5' above the bottom. But we are distracted by Juvenal Drums, Yellow Sand Rays and the yellow knees of Arrow Crabs. Trunk fish, Parrot fish and Sargent Majors dot the coral covered shoreline and we end the dive 45 minutes later with no sign of the uncommon Gunard or squids.

Casa Dennis is the place for our first evening meal where we spend a pleasant evening with Ray Hansen and a new friend Liz. The evening air is perfect for the walk back to HC from the Central Square after a few songs by a local band in the renovated plaza. I love Cozumel!

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