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Mens W3 3mm Full suit

by Waterproof
Price $295.00

Men's W3 3mm

The W3 is not an average warm water wetsuit.
When your backyard is the Arctic Circle you know that short cuts
do not pay – Waterproof delivers premium design and quality in
every suit made from the Arctic capable drysuits to the W1, W2
and to the tropical W3.
The W3 features Waterproof’s unique design cues like gender
specific fit and sharp Scandinavian styling. Additionally,
included are several of the features from our heavier
lines like a gusseted neck relief zipper, wrist and ankle
seals and 3-D sculpted construction.
W3 Features:
• 3-D Sculpted Suit - 3-D anatomically designed suit
with pre-bent arms, legs and panels for superior fit.
• Dense knitted plush lining that restricts internal
waterflow and increases comfort.
• High quality Microcell CR Neoprene for durability and
• Generous double seals made from neoprene with
zipper at arms and legs.
• Front gusseted neck zipper for surface comfort.
• Knee Guards - PU embossed.
• ZipperSeal - Open cell neoprene on each side of zipper for
the ultimate dry seal.
• Wave flex panels in the back, arms and legs for enhanced
flexibility and freedom of movement.
• Back zipper with stretch panels for enhanced flexibility.
• A Seat that Grips – Polyurethane embossing in the
back provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion
• Embossed elbow protection.
• Back zipper with YKK KA Bronze slider.
• No restraining seams at the arms and legs.

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