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April 15th 2016 in Cozumel

Another  great day starts on board the Areis with Rubin at the wheel. This is going to be our last day of diving for this trip. We hear there is weather in Denver that may have a ripple effect on our travel back home. Our friends Ray, Gary, Kathy, Mark, Mike, Bill and Craig share the morning ride to Palencar Gardens. I enjoy the ancient towering formations that are the signature of Cozumel. This morning's mild currents find us gliding over the sandy bottom as we meander through the labyrinth of massive coral heads. I can imagine that I am the first person to ever search these secluded nooks and crannies for sleeping sharks, turtles, crabs and lobster. Every once and a while we peer over the wall into the abyss hoping to see the elusive Eagle Ray flying south into the current. Finishing the dive on the shallow tops of the Palencar reef in the bright light of the Friday morning.


Our hour on board we are treated to a some stunt planes practicing a few tricks for the air show that starts Saturday. Antonio and Chale jump us in at the middle of Yucab so that we can drift into Tormentos if the current is strong. This turns out to be a slow drift north and I am able to spend time with my macro lens.


Adios Cozumel. Hasta Luego 

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