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TUSA RB-10 Roller Bag

The TUSA RB-10 Roller Bag is extremely well designed and constructed for scuba trips and dive sites.
 This bag has now experienced three dive trips abroad.  The bag easily holds the following:  
Wetsuits - 2 full length wetsuits (3 ml Henderson Thermoprene and 3.5 ml Waterproof)
BCD - 
Fins - 2 sets
Masks in their cases - 2
Extras such as compass, dive light, safety sausage/reel
In addition, there is plenty of room for about 12 bathing suits and 3 rash guards.
The airline weight limit of 50 lbs will limit this bag before you fill it.   It does have a weight maximum of 66 lbs, so it handles the gear well even if lighter weight items add bulk. 
The variety of zippered pockets, both internal and external keep packing efficient and organized.    It's easy to find what you've packed.
The external straps to snug it all together seem to keep everything in place and secured while being tossed, hoisted and moved by numerous baggage handlers.
The streamlined design makes this bag easy to roll through the airport,  across  gangplanks and lifts easily in and out of a vehicle.   
On a final note, the well constructed wheels sport a touch of pink (positive for this diver) in addition to working smoothly and reliably.


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