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Review for the Tusa BCJ-4000 Soverin:

Review for the Tusa BCJ-4000 Soverin:
In a word, phenomenal.
After years of diving with a tech style BCD , I was looking to move into a more recreational designed  bcd. My main objective was remaining as stream line as possible. After  some online research , I was very interested in the Tusa Soverin. 
I was able to get a "hands on feel" at Scuba Too. Leila and Chris were extremely knowledgeable about the Soverin. I received a "tailored fitting" . Chris had experience with the Soverin and his personal insights about the bcd were very helpful.
I planned a pool "test drive" to get a feel for the jacket. Absolutely wonderful. With zero inherent buoyancy , great comfort , and super maneuverability in the water, this Soverin is the "cat's meow".
Every diver to take a close look at the Tusa Soverin. Recommend Scuba Too.
Looking very  forward to riding the Turkey , then jumping on the Cat in November, with  this amazing bcd.
Thank's   Scuba Too Team, for assisting with this purchase decision !!  See you in the bubbles.
Scott "diveman" Orr
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